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Organizations are healthiest when their leaders are at their best.


That’s why we offer individualized leadership / executive coaching, plus a number of signature programs that help nurture and develop both the professional and personal sides of leaders' lives.


Executive / Leadership Coaching


Coaching is the facilitation of growth and change. It is a collaborative relationship between you and your coach that will help you make positive, long-term changes in your life.


Executive / leadership coaching focuses on partnering with leaders as they shift their perspective and awareness of their own leadership and performance, with the goal of becoming more effective leaders in their businesses and organizations.


Women Leading Women™


Women Leading Women is a coaching program that capitalizes on women’s leadership potential. Designed for groups of 12-15 women, this nine-month-long program covers one module per month, with the aim of helping participants realize what is limiting them in their leadership roles – and identifying means of realizing their full potential.


Click here to learn about Women Leading Women.



Coaching Out Of The Box®  


Coaching Out Of The Box® is designed for any professional wishing to integrate coaching techniques, communications principles and leadership best practices into their everyday workplace. The program is typically completed in three half-days, following the 5-5-5 Coaching Model: 5 Core Coaching Skills, 5 Step Coaching Exchange and 5 Guiding Principles.


Click here to learn about Coaching Out Of The Box®.


Human Resource (HR) Consulting

Together with our partners, we offer a comprehensive menu of HR services, tailored to the unique needs of your organization. These can range from a full-service approach, including HR organizational assessments and the implementation of recommendations and ongoing access, to stand-alone project work. Contact us to learn more.


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